11 Voltaire- AW 13/14

Colour Story Black and white paint.

After a two year hiatus, Paris-based womenswear brand, IAMISIGO, debuts its AW 13/14 collection.

The collection, ‘11 Voltaire’, was inspired by the designer’s fascination with universal laws in the moral world that are yet to be discovered in the physical world. 

According to the designer, Bubu Ogisi, the ‘11 Voltaire’ collection was named after the arrondissement where the designer lived in Paris as well the celebrated French philosopher, Voltaire, who believed & promoted religious tolerance, freedom of expression and the separation of church and state.

The collection comprises mainly of hand-painted pieces with light fabrics ranging from satin to woven crepes, semi-sheer fabrics—organza and chiffon—to metallic cotton. 

The total effect is an easy, breezy delivery that celebrates the modern woman in a minimal, yet captivating way.

Photography:  Kiki Melissa / Model: Uju Nwogbodo / 

Make up: Jide Adedeji / Art Direction and Styling: Bubu Ogisi