Blood & Bones – SS 14 

Colour Story: Burgundy and Tan

Inspired by the concept of exploring and celebrating the human body through a unique combination of colours, style and self-examination, IAMISIGO set out to complete a line inspired by the inner workings of the human body.

"A collection created while I was pregnant, my body went through so many changes. My "blood" and my "bones" were creating another being, my son. My body inspired me to create a collection that reflects my innermost workings."  - Creative Director

The human body is a fascinating organism; its workings still aren't fully comprehended by even the most accomplished of scientists. It's no wonder that the human anatomy has inspired so many curious inventions.

The burgundy part of the collection represents a more formal, sultry and sophisticated look, representing the blood. The Tan colour story designs have a rural but feminine look - less formal and sophisticated, more organic, earthy representing the bone part of the body.


Photography: Lakin Ogunbanwo / Model: Ndidi Odogwu / 

Makeup: Jide Adedeji / Art direction and Styling: Bubu Ogisi